Tsevtnoy Central Market, Moscow - 5th & 6th Floor Food Market & Restaurants presented Tsvetnoy Central Market with the award for Best Interior Design of a Retail Store in its prestigious Best of the Year Awards. The presentation, which took place in New York, recognised the outstanding products and projects of 2011. Tsvetnoy Central Market shared the award with Peter Marino's Chanel Soho store.

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Ultimately, a fine-tuned menu or range is at the core of any successful culinary or food shopping experience, so this is our natural starting point. We use our expansive knowledge of the food world and scrutinize new trends to ensure your offer is perfectly positioned.

Beyond that, successful businesses need a solid platform across the whole customer experience. This is where our diversity provides intuitive, comprehensive and sound advice, based on experience as innovative and profitable operators in our own right.

Whether creating a new business from start-up or reinvigorating an existing operation, our independent position and fresh perspective brings clarity and dynamism to any project.